Support NorthPoint


Support Your Neighbors in need during this time of uncertainty.

The presence and spread of COVID -19 has presented very real and immediate challenges for all of us.  Many businesses have closed their doors for the near future leaving employees without income and unable to meet their basic needs.

The pandemic has also led our Food Shelf to adjust its process for assisting our neighbors facing hunger and food insecurity.   We switched to a pre-packaged delivery model that has enabled us to minimize personal contact, provide food to those who need it, and operate with limited staffing. Customers will continue to receive essentials including dairy, fresh and shelf-stable items, and meat.

There has been a considerable increase in visits to our food shelf and we anticipate the increase to continue as the hardships for many go deeper.

Your support for our Food Shelf and Mobile food Program is needed NOW, more than ever.

Your financial donation today will give us the means and the flexibility we need to purchase most needed items---which changes constantly---directly from our local Food Banks. Every $10 donated allow us to purchase enough food to feed a person for a week! And, purchasing food in bulk minimizes the number of hands touching all food items.

Please make your donation today, and help us get food and basic essentials in the hands of those who need it—now.

If you have already made a donation – thank you.  Your generosity is already benefiting someone today.


Thank you for helping support those most in need--today and always.




NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc. has been providing services designed to meet basic needs and promote health and self-reliance for 50 years. While providing support during an emergency is temporary, sometimes hunger and poverty create a cycle that becomes very difficult to overcome without addressing the underlying cause.

NorthPoint provides services designed to meet basic needs including food support, housing assistance, advocacy and counseling. We create linkages to healthcare and other support services. Our goal is that our collective activities will provide a level of support that enables our customers to be stable and thrive.