Current updates

The NorthPoint clinic services are still on campus at 1313 Penn Ave N and the NorthPoint parking ramp is open.  The ramp is located at the 1256 Penn Ave N building.  The entrance is at Plymouth Ave and Oliver Ave N.  Exit the ramp  the first floor to cross Penn and Plymouth to access the current clinic location at 1313 Penn Ave N.

The 1315 Penn Ave N building is closed to make room for the north expansion and all the services have been relocated to 2 locations:

  • New Food Shelf, MNsure and SNAP location:1835 Golden Valley Road.
    This new location is just blocks from the NorthPoint campus on the corner of Penn and Golden Valley Road. There is street parking and limited parking spots behind the building. This is a temporary location for the Food Shelf, MNsure and SNAP enrollment until the new NorthPoint space is completed.
    Call 612-767-9500 for more information.  Click here for a flyer.
  • New Human Services location:1256 Penn Ave N - Suite 5300.
    This location is on the corner of Penn Ave N and Plymouth Ave. Free parking is available. The parking entrance is on Plymouth Ave and Oliver Ave N. This is a temporary location for Human Services until the new NorthPoint space is completed.
    Call 612-767-9500 for more information. Click here for a flyer.


Demolition - May - June 2019

These buildings will be removed to make space for new construction that will provide us with additional square footage to provide services.

  •     The old Estes Funeral Chapel vacant building on the north-west corner of Penn and Plymouth - completed
  •     NorthPoint Human Services Building at 1315 Penn Ave N

Project Timeline Update

We do not have any solid construction dates to share at this time. Based on recent bidding processes, NorthPoint Leadership has made the decision to modify our campus design. There are a number of experiences that went into this decision:

  • The project is trending higher than expected and we can make changes that will not compromise on the overall vision while staying closer to the project budget.
  • Higher construction costs have become an industry-wide trend.
  • It is important that our design provides the best value for our campus development to meet the needs of our customers and our community.

Entering into a redesign process will result in construction being delayed but not stopped. We did not want to start construction late in the summer or fall leading into the winter, therefore, we have delayed breaking ground. We will have a community celebration event to recognize the demolition of the Human Services building at 1315 Penn which is a part of Phase 3 and the final phase of our capital development project. 

  • Phase 1 was the parking ramp and 5th floor at 1256 Penn Ave N. - completed
  • Phase 2 was the relocation of Estes - completed
  • Phase 3 has begun with the demolition of the old Estes chapel and the Human Services building.


Public Events

Upcoming events


Previous events


May 16th, 2019 - Community Celebration - Follow this link for pictures of the event

This community event will allow the public to check out the new space for NorthPoint Administration and Human Services at 1256 Penn Ave N..

We will also commemorate the changes that will happen on the campus with the demolition of the current Human Services building at 1315 Penn. 

Click here for a recap on the history of the Human services building at 1315 Penn Ave N.


September 2018 - Estes Funeral Chapel grand opening

July 2018 - 1256 Penn Ave N parking lot opening

February 20, 2018 - Community meeting on all the Penn and Plymouth development projects 

September 14, 2017 - Estes Funeral Chapel community groundbreaking

June 2016 - Community get-together about community development projects on Penn and Plymouth.


Project Contacts

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Community Engagement Coordinator:  Sara Lueben – 612-543-3128

Main Campus number:  612-543-2500

The NorthPoint Community Board in partnership with Hennepin County has adopted a community development and campus expansion project to meet this need and align with the mission, legacy and future of NorthPoint. This plan is a comprehensive community development strategy that leverages NorthPoint’s successful health, economic and social impact. The community development plan not only provides needed program space for patients and clients, but also extends its reach into the community providing major physical and economic development opportunities by working across multiple sectors including public, private, health, housing, food and transportation.