Community Food Shelf

What We Do

Address:  1835 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55411

For Your Safety

  • If you are sick, send someone to pick-up your food
  • Line up on Penn Ave & stay 6 feet apart
  • We will hand out order forms & bring your pre-packed food outside.  (If you do not care for an item, please give it to a neighbor.)

Monthly food supply:  4 day supply of food once per calendar month

Non-food items: Miscellaneous nonfood items with food request

Baby food/diapers: 3 – 4 day supply of baby food and/or diapers, with a food request

Fresh produce distribution: Free distribution of produce to the public, a summer activity that runs every Friday from May through the end of September

The people of Minnesota have a long-standing history of concern and generosity when it comes to helping those who are hungry and in need. NorthPoint’s Emergency Food Shelf embodies that concern in North Minneapolis. NorthPoint’s Emergency Food Shelf has steadily grown over the years as the need to feed the hungry has increased.

The food distributed by our food shelf comes from donations of food and/or cash to purchase food. Our support comes from the State of Minnesota, various churches, businesses, organizations and individuals that share a common concern: Hunger.