Our mission, vision, and values

Our mission

NorthPoint is partnering to create a healthier community.

Our vision

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center sets a standard of excellence in providing culturally responsive, integrated, holistic primary health and social services that strengthens our community and the lives of the people we serve. We are leaders and partners in a shared vision of a healthy, environmentally safe, and economically stable, self-reliant community.

Our values

Diversity / Inclusion

We meet each other’s cultural needs and embrace our cultural differences and create an environment honoring each other’s dignity and contributions.


We create a caring environment that encourages healing, growth, and well-being, and delivers accessible and responsive health care and human services.


We earn the enduring goodwill of our clients, our patients and their families, and we are accountable and hold ourselves to high standards.


We support the rapid diffusion of new ideas and new technology, and deliver an integrated holistic approach to health and human services.


We treat each other fairly, and behave ethically.


Our strategy

We will meet our community's needs based on three strategic pillars:

Whole-person, integrated care

We serve the whole person by addressing a variety of areas that improve quality of life.

Community well-being

The community will tell us how they can flourish and fulfill their potential.

Health equity

We strive to reduce the inequities experienced by our community.