One Veteran Volunteer’s Story: Find Something that Makes You Happy

Barbara Cambell 2017

Barbara Campbell

One Veteran Volunteer’s Story: Find Something that Makes You Happy

 Barbara Campbell is one of those people who light up the room when they walk in. Her energy and engaging smile are captivating. Barbara is a volunteer meeting assistant with NorthPoint’s Women of Distinction program—a monthly breakfast gathering for women age 55+. The program serves as a social outlet and provides information on health and wellness topics. Barbara is one of the reasons for the program’s success. “This is the first way I got connected to NorthPoint,” Barbara says. “I really enjoy it and the growth we’ve seen with it.”

Barbara works for United Health Care as a senior business analyst. The company encourages its employees to volunteer in the community and provides them time to do so during work hours. In addition to volunteering with the Women of Distinction breakfasts, Barbara helps with Fit 4 Fun; See, Test & Treat (women’s cancer screening); the summer outdoor markets (produce distribution); May is Mental Health Month; and Toys for Tots, among others. Barbara also gets her family involved with volunteering at NorthPoint. “Years ago, I brought my sons when they were younger to give them a taste of what volunteering is all about. I’ve also brought my sister-in-law with me to Fit 4 Fun where she’s really gotten into serving food.”  

Barbara moved to Minneapolis from Philadelphia in 1994 and decided to find opportunities to volunteer as a way to get to know the area and her community. “It’s a part of my life. I grew up doing volunteer work. I gravitate toward it,” Barbara says. What would this veteran volunteer say to someone who’s thinking about doing some volunteer work but not sure how to get started? “Look for something you enjoy doing,” Barbara says. “Some people like to do paperwork or office support. Find something you would like to share with someone.”

Barbara, thank you for all you do for NorthPoint and our community!

If you would like to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available at NorthPoint please contact Sally Newbury: 612-767-0324 or