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Making Health Happen in North Minneapolis

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Important Phone Numbers

Contacting NorthPoint is as easy as picking up the phone. See list below for the most frequently called numbers.

General Information 612-543-2500   
Administration 612-543-2555 
Dental 612-543-2511  
Human Services 612-767-9500 
Insurance/Financial Assistance 612-543-2544  
Medical 612-543-2522  
Behavioral Health 612-543-2566  
Optometry 612-543-2522 


For after hours assistance call  612-873-3000

Scheduling an Appointment

It's easy to make appointments at NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center.

Just call the number shown for the department where you would like the appointment.

Medical Appointments and Registration 612-543-2522
Dental  612-543-2511
Behavioral Health 612-543-2566
Human Services 612-767-9500


Same- or Next-day Appointments:  Many times you can be seen by family medicine, internal medicine and pediatric doctors on the same or next day.

Call the appointments desk at 612-543-2522.

Making Appointments:  

  • Call as early as possible for acute or urgent problems.
  • Call in the afternoon for routine appointments and to avoid telephone congestion.
  • If you know your chart number, give it to our schedulers so you may be served quickly.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, do so as far in advance as possible.




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Wednesday, May 27, 2015